Master of Public Diplomacy for International Students

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)


Enrollment Guide in 2013


1.      Introduction

l         The first Public Diplomacy secondary discipline master degree program recognized by the Ministry of Education of PRC.

l         Aimed at cultivating international students with practical knowledge, who will:

Ø            Master basic theories and research methods of Diplomacy, Communications, Public Relations and related disciplines;

Ø            Be familiar with political and cultural environments in diverse countries and building their cross-cultural communication skills;

Ø            Be able to engage in activities concerning public diplomacy, international public relations and cross-cultural communications in departments of foreign affairs in the government, media agencies, social organizations, and research institutes.


2.      Advantages

l         BFSU is designated as one of the key universities under the direct management of the Ministry of Education of PRC. It is one of the first “Project 211” universities, a national project initiated in 1995 by the MOE with the aim of cultivating 100 key colleges for the 21st century. It was listed in 2011 as one of the “Project 985” colleges with innovation platforms based on outstanding academic subjects;

l         Known as “The Cradle of Diplomats”, BFSU has had 400 alumni appointed as ambassadors and more than 1000 as counselors;

l         BFSU was one of the first universities to enroll international students with Chinese government scholarships. It is cultivating international experts in areas of diplomacy, culture, economy, trade and so forth;

l         BFSU established China’s first public diplomacy secondary discipline master degree program.



3.      Duration: 2 years

l         The first three semesters are for the course studies;

l         The fourth semester is for the preparation and completion of the thesis;

l         The thesis should be written in Chinese or English;

l         The degree program uses the elastic credit system; students who have met the credit requirement can then apply for the thesis defense under proper process and graduate ahead of schedule.


4.      Credit

l         Total credits must be no less than 33, including:

Ø            Common required courses: 4 credits

Ø            Core courses: 12 credits

Ø            Optional courses: 12 credits

Ø            Social and academic activities: 5 credits


5.      Curriculum

l         Common required courses:

Ø            Principles of Political Science (2 credits)

Ø            Methodology of Political Science (2 credits)


l         Core courses:

Ø            Professional Chinese in Public Diplomacy (4 credits)

Ø            Practical Diplomacy (2 credits)

Ø            Case Analysis of Public Diplomacy and Cultural Exchanges (2 credits)

Ø            Public Diplomacy Studies on Regions and Countries (2 credits)

Ø            Linguistic Arts of Public Diplomacy (2 credits)


l         Optional Courses:

Ø            Cross-cultural Communication and Public Diplomacy (2 credits)

Ø            Appreciation of Chinese culture and arts (calligraphy, traditional Chinese paintings, Peking Opera, traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, seal cutting, paper-cut, guqin (a Chinese instrument), Chinese costumes, tea ceremony, acrobatics, etc.) (4 credits)

Ø            Brand marketing and dissemination of national image (2 credits)

Ø            International project operation and Public Diplomacy (2 credits)

Ø            Analysis of contemporary Chinese foreign policies (2 credits)

Ø            Corporate public relations and Public Diplomacy (3 credits)

Ø            Modern media and Public Diplomacy (3 credits)


l         Social and academic activities:

Ø            Research on China’s national conditions (Hope Project, Zhongguancun Industrial Park, Urbanization, Pudong development area, Binhai coastal new area, Wenzhou private enterprises, large state-owned corporations, China Chamber of International Commerce, DunhuangMogao Grottoes, Xi’an Terracotta Warriors, etc.) (4 credits)

Ø            Academic conferences (international students’ forum) (1 credit)


6.      Degree

l         Completing all the required curriculum, and passing all examinations and the master degree thesis defense;

l         Obtaining the master’s degree of Public Diplomacy graduation certificate and the master’s degree conferred by the Ministry of Education of PRC.


7.      Requirements

l         Bachelor Degree

l         Certificate of HSK5 or above


8.      Application Materials

l         Application Form

l         Guarantee letter

l         Photocopy of a valid passport

l         Three recent passport photos

l         Latest degree certificate or certificate of enrollment & Transcripts (photocopy)

l         Photocopies of HSK certificate

l         Reference letters by two supervisors

l         Research plan in detail

l         Personal resume in Chinese (around 800 words)



9.      Fees

l         Registration fee: 800 per person, non-refundable

l         Tuition Fee: 27150 per academic year (two academic years in total)

l         Social Activities involved will be charged separately on the basis of the practical arrangement, and it’s on students’ choice.


10. Application Deadline: June 30, 2013


11. Application Procedures

l         Please download online or ask the Overseas Students Affairs Office, BFSU for the Application Form & Guarantee letter, and submit the form of Chinese-level test.

l         All the materials must be submitted either by e-mail, by fax or by mail to the Center for Public Diplomacy Studies, BFSU. The application deadline is May 30, 2013.

l         A corresponding application form should be finished and submitted along with the other materials if applicants who would apply for the national scholarship.

l         Registration fee should be paid at the same time when submitting the application materials.

Bank accounts: Beijing Foreign Studies University, 0200007609026402172,

Beijing Zizhuyuan Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

(Please specify that the purpose of this payment is “registration fee for the Master of Public Diplomacy for international students”).

l         The reply will be given within 30 days after the arrival of all the materials and registration fee, which will not be returned.

l         The JW202 form will be sent once accepted. Applicants should then start to apply for the visa.


12. Contact Us

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